Thuy Dung was founded in 2004, and with over 18 years of experience, it is pleased to be one of the pioneers in the

field of interior design and manufacturing in Buon Ma Thuot.

 In addition to the company's industrial wood furniture products, we also cooperate with big and reputable brands in

Vietnam in the field of kitchen accessories such as: Hafele, Teka, Higold as official distributors in Daklak province

area. Not only that, our company also provides decorative products and household items such as: table lamps,

carpets, pictures, small decorations, blankets, pillows, etc.

With the goal of growing strongly, expanding throughout the Central region - Central Highlands and the whole of

Vietnam, Thuy Dung company has continuously innovated over time to improve production capacity and increase 

productivity such as expanding the factory area, upgrading production lines and automating all processes.


 2004: Thuy Dung Furniture Design & Manufacture Joint Stock Company was founded

 2004: The production plant in Buon Ma Thuot City came into operation with a total area of up to 10000m2

 2005: Opening showroom at Le Duan Street, Buon Ma Thuot City and expansion of factory area

  2013: Exporting our products to the US market

 2014 - 2019: Building a chain of state projects across provinces and cities

 2019: Improving 80% of automated production lines

 2022: Opening of Casamia shopping center (2 large showrooms) with a total area of up to 6000m2
 2022: Become the main partner for major brands of kitchen hardware accessories: Teka, Hafele, Higold

 2022: Provide a full set of E-Catalogue of furniture, accessories and kitchen hardware for customers


Becoming the leading provider of smart and modern home design solutions in Daklak province, and the Central - 

Central Highlands area. We strive to be the first place customers come to when they have a need to buy

furniture and kitchen accessories. 


Produce and sell one-of-a-kind products that add value to each customer's house. Furthermore, the company will

always develop and update trends in order to routinely produce new designs and products that best satisfy the

demands of clients. 


- Long-standing & reputable brand: Thuy Dung company has more than 18 years of expertise in the manufacture,

design, and construction of interior decorating, as well as innumerable significant projects accomplished. 

- Reasonable price: Thuy Dung is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality products at extremely low

costs, owing to his significant expertise and ownership of a big business. 

- High-quality products: Each product delivered to customers is committed to the highest quality finishing both

inside and out.  

- Optimal design: Products come in a variety of styles, each focused on the purpose of usage and being appropriate

for each individual consumer. It is simple and adaptable to varied areas, enhancing consumers' living experiences. 

- Modern manufacturing process: Thuy Dung has consistently invested in improving manufacturing lines,

machinery, and equipment in order to achieve full automation. There is also plant expansion to improve

manufacturing processes.

- Accompanying customers:
 Support consulting and passionate design to ensure consumers select the desired

product. Accompany you during construction and installation, and constantly pay attention to your feedback. 

- Customer service: Create memorable client experiences. Always appreciate contributions and be ready to help and

manage associated concerns with the ultimate objective of delivering clients happiness when they choose us. 

- Quality materials & clear origin: 
The raw materials utilized are guaranteed to be clean and of transparent origin.

Maintain ethical concerns in business while also maintaining environmental friendliness and living space. There is

no risk to the user's health during use. 


Our company is pleased to cooperate with big and prestigious brands in the field of kitchen accessories such as:

Hafele, Teka, Higold. In which, we will be the official agent of Hafele and Teka in DakLak province as well as the

official distributor of Higold in the Central Highlands.


- Casamia Shopping Center

- Manufacturing factory